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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Follow me, follow you

Whoo hoo! We are up to 7 followers! Thanks for the support and letting me create something pretty for your blog. Please don't forget to send your friends my way! The more people I get, the more people see your widget and can get to your site!


  1. Hi! This is such a sweet offer; thank you! I think I did it, but you can check: http://nostalgiatodayandyesterday.blogspot.com/
    I like your round design, but did you re-design it? I thought the words changed, too.

  2. Thanks, Cheryl! I am going to get started on your design after I put the kids to bed. The round design has always had the words still and the dots move. I love playing with these designs! ;)

  3. Hi there, how do I get a button done for my site?